Boosting Your Immune System Is The Most Effective Way To Kill Warts

Do you know why some people get warts and others who are exposed to the same virus don’t?

It has to do with your immune system. When working properly, your immune system is the best natural wart removal remedy.

Dermatologists have know this for years…..

“Immune system is the heavy artillery against warts”

– Dr. Mark Dahl, Mayo Clinic

“If warts are hard to treat, the Dermatologist should use immunotherapy”

– American Academy of Dermatology

Armed with this knowledge, you can finally remove warts for good. You have 2 options….

1- See a Dermatologist  and she can give you an immune boosting injection (Possible side effects) or,

2 – You can use an over the counter immune booster, like Cold FX

Whatever you do, keep in mind that warts are rooted deep in your skin and just treating the surface is ineffective 99% of the time.

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If you’re still not convinced that treating your immune system is the way to go, here is more Proof